What is ErieMax?

ErieMax is the umbrella that I carry over all of my projects and endeavors. It stands for Erie Maximum Entertainment, although it’s become so much more in the last five years. I wish that I could have a website for each project – and a twitter feed, and a Facebook page, and an Instagram page, and the list goes on and on. I would have to have hundreds of accounts, so I gather it all together under my arms, and we stand under the ErieMax umbrella together.

Here are just some of the things that I am doing, many on a daily basis:

As a musician and producer, I

-Play in original and cover bands
-Record and produce my own music
-Do session work for many artists on piano, Wurlitzer and Rhodes electric pianos, and Hammond organ.
-Record other artists in my studio
-Promote my music
-Work as a producer, consultant, and session artist at Riptide Studios in Fort Meyers, FL
-Record and produce music videos

As a magician(and a writer, I can’t separate the two without confusion), I

-Perform magic shows
-Work as a creative consultant and staff writer for the Magic Firm in Louisville, KY
-Write scripts, sometimes for people on network TV shows
-To date have published three books and several papers on magic

As a writer, I

-Write short fiction and novels – sci-fi, horror, suspense, thriller
-Publish a comic strip called “When Penguins Sin”

I also do photography and paintings as a hobby, to keep sane. Also, my own web design, to keep insane.

There you have it. That is what ErieMax is, and that is what I do.