My secret to living forever: PROVEN

Basically, size dictates how fast our heart beats, and our lifespan is dictated by how many heartbeats we have. Whether mouse, elephant, or man, it’s all about our pulse. That being said, all I have to do is get my heartbeat to ZERO bpm, and I will live forever…

Another Bullseye

I’m now even more famous!

For those of you who don’t know, I am the spectator in the video. And I am not, as the reviewers claimed, dodging the dart. I am selecting the card, signing it, and getting the hell out of the way of the camera. 

Also, I am impressed that the reviewers mentioned the amazing soundtrack by Shane Ellis. That was awesome. Sadly for me, they didn’t mention my acoustic version that plays with the credits. 

I’m not bitter, dammit!

Kudos to Brent Braun for getting Bullseye reviewed, with an actual bonus quick review of Torched and Restored. No publicity is bad publicity. And kudos to Shane for the glowing review of his music. 

BullsEye Trailer with bonus history and credits