My first published fiction!

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One of my short stories, Knock Knock Knock, was accepted to be published in an anthology. These are exciting times! I am grouped in with a collection of amazing writers – I had a chance to read some of the other stories in the book and feel very honored to be included.

You can order here!


“I got this one” -AKA- “Another gold star” -AKA- “Holy batsh**” -AKA- “Not just for Halloween anymore”

126093089848454997zjl0le-hiI am posting this hopefully just a few short minutes before I go to bed – I’ve been awake for about 26 hours, the last 9 of which were spent searching my bedroom for the bat that was flying around my house last night. The bat that I failed to capture until a couple of minutes ago. I tried sleeping a few times, but it just didn’t work. This morning, my wife saw it in a corner of the room.

I sent everyone downstairs with instructions to open the front door in case it flew down. I opened the windows upstairs, took a broom, and tried to, kind of, um… like, sweep it off the wall and out the window. As I swept, it flew to another wall and landed. I took an old coffee container and put it on top of him, called downstairs to get some help finding a manilla folder or something to slide in as a cover. Bat in trap, I walked him into my woods. Far, far into my woods. Knowing that bats have a hard time taking flight from the ground, I put the container in a tree, pulled the folder away, and watched it crawl out onto the tree.

One life saved. You better kill a lot of mosquitos in my yard this summer, my friend.

(Thanks to ¬†and the Library of Congress for the image. I wasn’t in the frame of mind to start shooting pictures.)