I quit smoking yesterday



Since I need to focus my attention elsewhere, I’m not sure if that means I will posting way more on this blog, or way less over the next few days. Only time will tell. All I know is that I hate it, and I really don’t get any pleasure out of it, and it will be a huge relief when it is all over.

The common wisdom is that you don’t tell anyone that you are quitting. I’ve tried the common wisdom thing many times with no positive results. So I figured, what the hell, I’ll blog it.

I was going to make this a New Year’s resolution – but I was inspired to quit and didn’t want to wait. The I was going to make it a Christmas present to Janelle, but I still didn’t want to wait, and I’m really doing for myself anyways.

My posts over the next several days may sound angry. Just forgive me and keep coming around!

A DIY Magic Bullet Blender

I got this idea from the most recent Yes! Magazine on things that you can do with mason jars that don’t have a whole lot to do with canning. I was pretty excited when I saw this, that I immediately set the magazine down and tried it out. It worked.

It seems that the base of most standard sized blenders have the same threads as a mason jar, so you can remove the base from your giant blender, screw it onto the jar, and you have your very own “Magic Bullet”

My secret to living forever: PROVEN


Basically, size dictates how fast our heart beats, and our lifespan is dictated by how many heartbeats we have. Whether mouse, elephant, or man, it’s all about our pulse. That being said, all I have to do is get my heartbeat to ZERO bpm, and I will live forever…