Learning by DOING!

As I look back on all the ways that I have learned, all of the things that I now know, that I have learned it all by doing. When I wanted to paint, I just painted, When I wanted to learn how to play a song, I just listened to it, and attempted to eke it out on the piano or guitar. When I wanted to build something, I just started sawing and nailing.

My stuff is CRAP! Well, it started out crap. The stuff I liked to do, the stuff I stuck with, ended up getting more and more refined. And the more I learned how to do that stuff, I got better at other stuff, stuff I didn’t even know related. The more I learned about music, the better I got at painting. The more I learned about martial arts, the better I got at building, The more I learned about building, the better I got at music. Life is amazing.


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Time marches on.


Loosely written for the Daily Post Weekly Challenge.

I am a child of the 70s, a child of the 80s, and a child of the 90s. I couldn’t get into Pogs, but I was really into Garbage Pail Kids. So much so that I remember dreaming about having stacks and stacks of them, and I was disappointed when I woke up. I had a collection of G.I. Joe guys, the small ones. Not the dolls. I could build a G.I. Joe guy fort all the way along the eastern wall of my bedroom. And they were all on the same team. Clutch, Cobra Commander, Snake Eye. Working together against a common enemy. My fort was so well set up, so well defended, that there was never really a war. Ever.

I couldn’t solve a Rubik’s Cube but I could take the damn thing apart and put it back together in the right order. That’s one way to solve it. Some of my best friends (guys) had Cabbage Patch Kids. I got creative with an Etch-a-Sketch, and earlier, a Lite-Brite. I owned the Venom action figure before I even knew why Spider-man was wearing a black suit. I really wanted a Swatch, but I never got one. I never even asked.

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Inspirational haiku for bloggers (5 more for the weekly challenge)

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Ok, so these aren’t all “exactly” inspirational, and they’re not all “exactly” for bloggers, but that is how I choose to tie them together, because these are all thoughts that I have had in the last couple of hours while working on writing.

Maybe a better title for the five would be “The things that I think about while writing.”

Don’t stare at your blog
Thinking that it looks so cool
Write and write and write
Seeing your haiku
It’s always in italics
So that’s what I’ll do
Social networking
seems to be the only way
I am social now
Petting my black cat
Instead of writing down words
Too cute to stop though
Sometimes I feel smart
But sadly most of the time
Dumb as a rock pile

Daily Post Weekly Writing Challenge

A haiku series on writing

photoI wrote these five poems for the WordPress’ Daily Post Weekly Writing Challenge. It is a haiku challenge, “you choose the topic”. I thought it was a pretty cool challenge for myself to see if I could actually do it. I had some fun 🙂

I chose “writing” for my topic, which made this exercise really interesting.

I like this first line
The second is not better
Just ‘cus it’s longer
Sometimes what you say
Is not quite as important
As what you don’t say
If you have the time
Be as real as you can be
Always have the time
 The masters of art
Always say the same darn thing
Be yourself and DO!
Being musical
Does not always help me think
Being honest does

—–And A Special Bonus Haiku——
Read between the lines
Make this haiku yours