Unhelpful and Inconclusive Discourse on Social Media

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6 thoughts on “Unhelpful and Inconclusive Discourse on Social Media

  1. I just discovered this (your site takes a helluva time to work one’s way through – but it’s all enjoyable)!!! I laughed out loud several times, and reflected on how much I enjoy your sense of humour, MAB. Are you a Linux person then? You REALLY wrote the music? – I seem to’ve missed tons of good news. Do you have a CD? – oh, sorry … no-one has CDs any more, do they? 😦 I shall READ MORE and see if I can ascertain where to lay hands on your music – which I like as much as your writing.

    1. I am very flattered every time someone tells me that they search through my site, and that it’s enjoyable. – I’m really glad I made you laugh, too! I am most definitely a Linux person, although I am Mac right now, only because it is a huge pain to install linux on a Mac. But my other computers, I buy from Amazon with no OS, and just install Linux, usually Ubuntu, but I also like to play around with other distros. Oh, yeah, and thanks for getting the penguin!

      I had a country music album out in the 90’s which I’m not sure is available anymore – and a mid-90s Christian album. I’ll put the songs up online sometime soon and I’ll make sure to let you know.

      Very good news, though, is that I’m working on my alternative blues album RIGHT NOW 🙂 I’m hoping to have 13 original songs completely recorded and mastered, and on iTunes by April. I will most definitely let everyone know when that is ready.

  2. NONONONONO!!! – I want to be a CUSTOMER! If they’re .mp3 files, I can play ’em on my teeny ‘Sansa Clip+’ with enormous pleasure. To date it’s mostly used for audio books;but that’s because I haven’t enjoyed finding new music for … yonks! (as the Brits say) So you’ve widened my horizons too. And just think. MAB – I must be old enough to be yer grandma (or almost)!

    1. Okay okay! Point taken! I’ll let you know when and where the mp3s are available!!! I’m glad I have widened your horizons. I recently found out myself that my specialty is the blues. And here I have been playing in country bands for twenty years 🙂

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