Traveling west – the digital humanities tour day 5 and 6

Pike's Place MarketDay 5 (June 5, 2015) – Spokane, WA to Seattle, WA (279 miles). So far, this was the scariest (for me) drive through the mountains, with the best views and the most beautiful landscape. The scenic viewpoint that I mentioned in the last traveling post actually happened today – but right now I’m feeling too lazy to go back and correct it. Drove to downtown Seattle, found a lucky parking spot, and took about three hours to walk through the famous Pike’s Place Market.

We left Seattle and made the short drive to Medina – we stayed with friends who live in the neighborhood where Bill Gates lives. We didn’t drive by his house, and we didn’t even know that Gates lived there when we went, it just seemed interesting to note. Dinner, chatting, and sleeping, and we were ready for the next day.

IMG_0785IMG_0785-2This area is home to Mount Rainier, the volcano that seems to loom over everything, although it is beautiful to look at. My phone didn’t really capture the enormity of the volcano in the background of the beautiful lake scene – pictures are never like being there.

Day 6 – Seattle to Bellingham, WA (87.4 miles) to Anacortes, WA (40 miles)

IMG_0837It was a nice, easy drive into Bellingham, and we were lucky enough to find a parking spot immediately downtown, right next to the farmer’s market. The market itself was much less busy than Pike’s in Seattle, and that made me like it a lot more. We met some friends at The Woods Coffee and chatted for a while. I also had to check out ecigexpress Bellingham, which is where I have been ordering the majority of my electronic cigarette supplies for the past three years. (Yes. Yes I do.)

We left Bellingham and headed to Anacortes, our next destination. As we neared our friend’s house, we drove over a two-bridge scenic view called Deception Pass, which is worth checking out online, though I didn’t get any photos of it myself.

Deception Pass - I stayed in the car, but Janelle got out and took some pictures.
Deception Pass – I stayed in the car, but Janelle got out and took some pictures.

IMG_0855After visiting our friend, we headed closer to the Anacortes Ferry Terminal for our trip tomorrow by ferry to Sidney, British Columbia, Canada. We got lucky, and found a motel, Lake Campbell Lodging, that had their vacancy sign out. We spent the night across from the lake – like right across the road from the lake. It was great. Janelle and I ate dinner sitting out front of the motel, looking at the water and boats. We went to bed looking forward to our boat ride to another country.

More soon…

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