Ten things that I really think you should try on April Fool’s Day

Leuchterfigur_Narr_makffm_67371. Keep an Oreo cookie in your pants, and leave your fly down. If someone tells your fly is down reach down and pull the cookie out. Offer it to them as a thank you.

2. Ask everyone you see for directions to the bathroom that is opposite your gender.


4. Put “Pig Latin” somewhere on your resume. Send the updated version to your current boss, and mention that you’ve added to your skill set.

5. Get the longest email address you can and start giving it out to people.

6. End every sentence with “but I digress.”



9. Refer to everything that happened before today as “before The Change”

10. Let me know how it goes. Tell no one that you found it here. And for the love of all that is sacred, don’t forward this, don’t share it, don’t tell anyone else about it. It already sounds like an email forward, please don’t let it turn into one. Prank responsibly**.

*I could only think of six. 
**People may think that you’re a little weird if you do any of these things. Also, if you do any of these things, you are weird. It’s ok.