The dPhone – struggle to return to a dumb phone (part II)

verizon-logoMy decision to go back to a dumbphone was easy. My experience switching to a dumbphone, however, sucked salty rocks. (That’s a bad thing. I can see how this metaphor may seem like a good thing, since if you need salt, salty rocks may come in handy.) Part of the reason we were moving backwards in technology was to save money. At first, we didn’t care what service we went with but we decided to go prepaid because my parents had several phones in pretty good condition and we could take our pick. So I took all of them. Two Tracfone phones and two Net10 phones.

Before I go any further, I should add that I had just finished reading the book “The Story of Stuff” by Annie Leonard and I was very eco-conscious about buying something new when we could reuse.

BOOST MOBILE: We looked over the plans and prepaid packages for both of these, and a couple of others. We liked Boost with their shrinking payment plan – but after a phone call to customer service, they said they couldn’t Continue reading “The dPhone – struggle to return to a dumb phone (part II)”