The Used Price is Right

This started as a quick joke on Facebook, and with high hopes, it will stay that way. Janelle needed to get some piece or other for her regalia for graduation this year. She asked if I thought she should buy one or rent one.

I said, “How much to rent?”
“Thirty dollars.”
“How much to buy?”
“I don’t know.”
“Well, if it’s like 38 dollars to buy one you may as well buy.”

She looked up the price on Amazon, and the first one was $38. I said there should be a “Used Price is Right” game show for me to go on.

All day, I considered what the rules would be. Here’s what I came up with:

Since it’s used stuff, there really is no standard pricing – it’s based on how much the person wants the money, and how willing they are to part with the stuff. So, you get three people who are trying to sell something, and a contestant is called from the audience. The contestant gets to ask one question of each seller in order to gauge how much she thinks they will sell it. It can be any question, about anything, but it can’t involve the price of the item. If the contestant guesses within a certain dollar value, she gets to keep the item, and the sellers will be paid by the game show.

That’s all I got so far, let’s make sure it never happens!!!